She Rebel Radio® Members
She Rebel Radio® Members
Lulu Minns

Welcome to She Rebel Radio® Members

Generating Thought Leadership for Women in Business

About Me :

Retreat Host, Advocate for Women and Founder of She Rebel Radio®, a community driven podcast dedicated to supporting women to discover, deepen and lead their businesses of significance.

Together on the podcast, we have been creating counter status quo ideas and generating thought leadership and a different conversation for women in business.  

This is a conversation you are not going to want to miss. 

Why You Should Join Me

I created this members group to generate powerful thought leadership for women in business and female founders. 

Together we are out in the wilderness of business, rising to create change, impact and greater purpose . And here in the members group you will find : 

  1. A place for a deeper conversation, solace from the outside world and a safe space for reflection.

  2. Self realisations tools and self study courses encouraging deeper thought leadership, greater self expression and more confidence in your ideas /expertise. 

  3. A powerful group of women in business to align yourself with and be inspired by (including our She Rebel Guests).

A Big Thanks

To all of our listeners, guests and supporters of She Rebel Radio, who've been creating a buzz about the podcast since day 1, I would love to say a BIG thank you -- it would be great to see you in our She Rebel Radio Members community which is designed to generate greater thought leadership amongst women who are  daring to make a difference.